Happy 2019!

Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash What a whirlwind of a year! Our small one-room school had fully and officially transitioned to accreditation. It took a lot of meetings between school administrators and teachers to make our school reach the standards the accreditation organization were looking for. This school year is the best yet.… Continue reading Happy 2019!


The Not-so-Artistic Art Teacher

unsplash-logoTaelynn Christopher The Not-So-Artistic Art Teacher This year is the second time I am the arts and crafts teacher of our school. Last year, I had taught in a multigrade setting of grades 5th-8th. It was tough since not many of them like art and they “have to” do projects and color. Boo hoo. This… Continue reading The Not-so-Artistic Art Teacher

Get on a R.A.F.T.

Feel like drowning when students don’t seem to like writing? Get on a R.A.F.T. I have been teaching for a while, but each year, I try to do something different depending on the general vibe I get with my students. I feel blessed that my 5th-7th grade students like English/Language Arts enough that they’re willing… Continue reading Get on a R.A.F.T.

15 Story Ideas to Get You Going

How do I get my ideas? As an ELA teacher, I wanted my 5th-7th graders to write a lot in any forms. However, they always ask me for ideas on what to write about. Sometimes, it stumps me a bit, and I thought, I should have some sort of clue where to get ideas just… Continue reading 15 Story Ideas to Get You Going

New Year’s Resolution in December

It’s been known that people make resolutions for the new year- exercise and lose weight, sleep early, eat healthily, blah blah blah. And it is also known that two weeks into January, those resolutions are almost all broken. I’m notorious for that. Don’t shake your head, I know most likely you failed your resolutions, too.… Continue reading New Year’s Resolution in December